Paradigm Home Health is developing a pilot for its on-demand healthcare, providing a platform which will effectively bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients. Patients will be able to find outpatient clinic services in their vicinity, compare the cost and pick the one suitable for their budget and location.

PHH is also developing tools and technology to facilitate the provision of healthcare services outside of specialized facilities.

Telehealth services have seen a dramatic increase in relevance in recent years, a phenomenon which has gained in momentum during the Coronavirus pandemic as patients have been obliged to reimagine the ways in which they access healthcare.

Our efforts are dedicated towards homecare facilities, which will help shift the medical burden away from clinics or hospitals.

Value proposition focus


Local Expansion

Expanding the company’s service area beyond its current service in Houston to San Antonio & El Paso


Regional Expansion

Launching home healthcare operations in Nevada (Las Vegas & Reno), New Mexico (Santa Fe), Arizona (Phoenix), and Florida (The Villages)


Launch Telemedicine Platform

Launch Telemedicine Platform Launch Telecare Home Health’s mobile and web app in the company’s planned markets


Medicare/Medicaid Accreditations

Complete Medicare/Medicaid accreditation to expand customer base beyond private pay customers