Alonzo Pierce | Chairman | ISWH

Pierce received his BA in Telecommunications from Baylor University in 1992. While at Baylor, he was named an All-Southwest Conference Tight End (1991). Pierce would later spend a short stint with the NFL’s Houston Oilers before finding his footing in commercial banking as a consultant. He became a trusted advisor to more than 100 professional athletes as he helped them secure portions of their estate and business planning portfolios. In coordination with the interests of his high-profile clients, Pierce launched and developed a number of summa lifestyle brands. Those ventures led Pierce to the creation of VOLUM (patent pending), which is a logistics management firm. VOLUM is an industry leading supply-chain management company that takes advantage of current cryptographical technology by streamlining the supply chain process. This novel business venture propelled Pierce onto the center stage of supply chain management, as well as its implications for cryptocurrency mining operations.

Pierce has continued to be a leader in the cryptocurrency mining operations space for the past decade. As new and exciting technologies come onboard, Pierce has built a war chest of resources for ISWH to acquire these new businesses. One such acquisition is Bit5ive. Bit5ive is an industry-leading manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining and data centers. The Bit5ive data centers are known as Pod5ives. As Pierce continues his maverick approach to acquiring the best and most advanced data mining technologies, he will continue to lead ISWH into a secure and lucrative future.